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The Management 

                   Our esteemed Angels Educational  Trust, the emerging Eden of the Earth, was founded by our distinguished Chairman, an embodiment of hard work, Mr. K. Venkatachalam with the aim of educating the students especially in rural areas to gain self-confidence and Prosperous future thereby enabling them to secure placement in an environment of growing competition.

                  Our Angels Educational  Trust had the unique good fortune of having a succession of 23 Board Members now. The Trust is all set to grow from strength under the stewardship of the secretary, a man of perfection Mr. R. Balakrishnan who is reputed person, an able administrator and an ardent promoter of social activities.

                Our Trust is really proved to have a wonderful treasurer, a man of ideas Mr. A. Yogaraja who has been familiar to all. His contribution in our trust is very helpful and good especially his economical strategy is absolutely superb and induce our trust members to make the progress easily and confidently.  

               Our angels educational  trust emphasizes the overall growth of the children by three factors s called discipline, education and extra curricular activities. Our prime aim is to develop the children as all round personalities by being given equal importance to discipline and activities with education. Not only that but also our methodology concentrate Spoken English and good handwriting.

             We identify the slow learners in each section in the beginning of academic year itself and given them extensive caching in the evening sessions to make them average and above, as the token of appreciation, top rank holders in each section are given a prize after every term and terminal examinations.  This attitude, kindle the students to develop competitive sprite and winning tendency.